21 Jul 2016
July 21, 2016

Telluride Elks History Challenge

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Challenge: Find all of the items listed below & take a photo of them

Then What?   Bring your phone or camera with the photos to the Telluride Elks Lodge on Saturday, July 30th, between 1 and 4pm

Why?   The top four people with the most points win great prizes, such as gift certificates to local businesses!


The Challenge

Bring a photo of each of these to the Telluride Elks Lodge

1.) The front of the original Telluride Elks Lodge – 25 points

2.) The front of or the Cornerstone of the 2nd Telluride Elks Lodge – 15 points

3.) The front of 3rd Telluride Elks Lodge – 10 points

4.) The Social Clubs Historical Plaque – 10 points

5.) The 2 pictures of the original Elks Lodge decorated for Christmas in a scrapbook – 50 points

6.) Photo with a current Telluride Elks Member – maximum 10 different people – 5 points each

7.) Photo with the current Exalted Ruler of Telluride Elks Lodge – 25 points

8.) Photo with a Past Exalted Ruler of Telluride Elks Lodge – maximum 5 different people – 10 points each

9.) Photo with the current West District Deputy – 15 points

10.) Photo of the BPOE stained glass piece in the 2nd Lodge building – 10 points

11.) Photo of the MIA/POW bench – 20 points

12.) Name & photo of the first Exalted Ruler of the Telluride Elks Lodge [hint: He was also the first mayor of

      Telluride] – 20 points





Maximum possible points – 300


Good Luck!