Huck Finn & Becky Thatcher Day

Telluride Elks Huck Finn Becky Thatcher The Huck Finn – Becky Thatcher Day has been a favorite event for the children of Telluride for many decades.  In its earliest inception, children would gather at Elks park and be provided with willow poles.  After a parade style march down main street to town park, they would fish for prizes, and enjoy an afternoon luncheon.

Today the event continues to grow with parents and grandparents bringing their children to enjoy the same festivities they did.  With support from ENF and many local businesses the Telluride Elks Lodge provides child-size fishing poles, straw hats, and bandana neckties to children ranging from diapers to 9 years old, with prizes for all.

The morning begins with horse-drawn wagon rides up and down main street with Roudy. Hot dogs and hamburgers are provided free for kids throughout the event, and prize-winning categories for both boys and girls include longest fish, most fish caught, first fish caught, most determined, best costumes Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher, and, best of all, first to kiss a fish. The goal is to send every child home feeling like a winner.

Huck Finn – Becky Thatcher Day is held the first Saturday of June, rain or shine, at Telluride Town Park.